Consulting services

A good service requires a good UI and UX. A great product requires a vision that goes beyond forms and data grids. Crafting and delivering sophisticated UX is possible for teams who understand their users’ needs and business opportunities.

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Training services

Our CX training uses only proven tools, techniques & methodologies. The results? Revenue growth, reduced costs & a competitive edge.

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Data services

We are able to provide Data consulting and development services, helping companies bridge the ever widening span between the overflow volume of complex data and the ability to perform in depth analysis to interpret and report.

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Contact center expertise

We are focused on helping contact centres to improve sales, productivity, quality and customer experience through better use of technology, process optimisation and a focus on people.

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Support services

The primary focus of 60mn is to ensure successful operational support for clients.

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Conference speaking

He will help your audience understand how an organization can improve their Customer Experience and become a Customer Centric organization.

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