Consulting services

Have you been trying to improve your customer experince but your measures aren’t moving? Or do you just need some guidance from the recognized world experts, Beyond Philosophy? We have completed lot of successful implementations using our unique tools and methodologies. We understand the problems and pitfalls. Uniquely, we identify the ‘hidden’ factors that will move your experience. One of our clients improved their Net promoter by 45 points in 20 months that gave them a 15% rise in volumes.

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Contact center expertise

We help organizations find the perfect-fit outsource/internal experiences centers. We have done massive research throughout Europe and around the world to help companies by matching them with the nation’s finest experiences centers. Experiences centers experise can include:

• Customer Service
• Inbound Sales
• Up-Selling to Existing Customers
• Outbound Calling
• Customer Care
• Lead Generation
• E-mail Support
• Live Chat Support
• Social Media Customer Service
• Retention / Win Back
• Tech Support & Help Desk Support
• Billing & Product Returns
• SMS Texting
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Medical Transcriptions & Medical Records
• Training
• And Many More!

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Data services

You can get answers to the following questions:
  • How can I use data to measure the measure of CX improvement?
  • How can I use data to make CX more efficient?
  • Which data sources are available, how can I analyze them and apply them real time in order to improve customer experience and with it my organization’s success?
  • How can I use data to make customer profiles, analyze conversations (images, text and sound) and register a customer’s voice? How can I increase conversions during the journey and improve customer experience?
  • What are the most recent developments as regards unlocking data sources, analysis possibilities and tools?
  • Where does my organization find itself as regards CX? What are the possibilities for my organization to improve CX and make it more professional by using data?
  • What are best practices from science and businesses regarding data driven CX? How do I prioritize data driven CX projects and how do I make them successful?


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Support services

Our support services are adding new services, taking on new roles and responsibilities, engaging in different ways with their customers, and consolidating many operational functions to create a scalable delivery model that is focused on customer success and outcomes within a cost structure that meets the companies revenue, cost, and margin goals. We can provide such amazing support on web design, web hosting, commercial platform handling, billing... and so more...

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Training services

Our CX training uses only proven tools, techniques & methodologies which have been developed & refined since 2002. The results? Revenue growth, reduced costs & a competitive edge. Find out how!

Please find below some samples of ourTraining Programs:

• CX essentials: The Customer Experience (CX) Essentials training is designed to provide you with the essentials you need to understand to improve your CX.
These are live events streamed to the palm of your hand, (or to your computer!), by the world renowned CX experts. If you are unable to attend an event it is recorded for you to view at your leisure
• Secrets of customer decisions: Why do Customers buy? How do they make decisions? In this course we go into the details of how Customers buy. What are the secrets and psychological principles we can use to influence customers to buy more.
• The Serets of a successfull CX program: In this course we will provide you with everything you need to ensure your CX program is a success. Whether you have just started your program or you are already along the journey this course will help you.
We will provide a template of what a successful CX program looks like, outline the problems and pitfalls you will face and reveal the secrets of how to overcome them. If you are struggling to gain commitment and buy in from senior managers and across the organizations we will provide you with strategies to gain commitment.
• And so more......

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Conference speaking

Our experts are without question global leaders in Customer Experience.

We know how the corporate world works. Prior to launching 60mn, our consultants held a number of senior executive positions in the corporate sphere leading over 200,000 employees worldwide.

We have also advised Governments. What’s more, our experts are powerful and entertaining keynote speakesr who are using practical day to day examples to explain the concepts of Customer Experience.

He will help your audience understand how an organization can improve their Customer Experience and become a Customer Centric organization. Our experts pride themself on their interactive style and their down to earth manner. We engage the audience with humor and practical examples and even will phone companies live from the stage to prove our point!


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