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romuald CETKOVIC


Founder & CEO

CEO & founder of 60mn Romuald CETKOVIC (HEC) loves customer experiences that enable world-changing. With passion and expertise Romuald directed the Nespresso customer experience program from untill 2017. Prior to joining Nespresso, he worked in Ebusiness and Marketing at several companies (L’Oréal,Randstad or the French Postal Office Group). Additionally, he’s the go-to translator at 60mn since he speaks French, English and Montenegrian, which also awards him the coveted title of “polyglot”.

Goran Stojovic

Goran Stojovic

UX Manager

Goran’s energy and dedication to delivering successful projects of the highest standard is what sets him apart from the crowd. He’s a valuable source of new business leads for UX Connections, as well as providing expert advice and guidance to Romuald. An industry veteran, his CV reads like a who’s who of marketing and digital.

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You ?

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Corporate Sustainability

60mn’s management team is committed to driving and developing our companies towards our growth and valuation objectives while maintaining an unwavering commitment to social and environmental stewardship.

Community Involvement

60mn endeavors to create initiatives that will encourage community development and pride. Our philosophy on corporate responsibility is to instill environmental awareness in our community’s families.


We believe the benefits far outweigh the cost considerations and will bring long-lasting values. We have taken on this ethic that embraces responsible planning and management of our resources.


The safety of its employees is of utmost importance for 60mn, and every measure is taken every day to ensure the workplace is safe.

Investing in Social Good

We are looking for the harmony that is created when community and company work together, and the power of investing in social goods.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

This comprehensive initiative focuses on prevention by raising employee awareness of healthy lifestyles, which in turn leads to positive health outcomes and behaviors.

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