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Social media in customer services

Implementing the social media

Digital strategy

With the proliferation of social media channels available, a well know food company charge us to determine the best mix for their audience, strategic goals and resources.

It was important to have the capability to successfully support their online marketing channels, so we give careful consideration to what and where their brand can effectively manage and optimize their social media without overloading the customer service team.

Our Social Media Channel Implementation and Optimization helped solving challenges like:
• Which social media channels are right for my brand?
• We’re a B2C mass market company, so is it worth our time to create a Twitter presence?
• How should I better leverage LinkedIn and Pinterest for my company?
• Which new, up-and-coming channels should I consider?
• What type of content and tone of voice would work for our company on each channel?

PCBX customer center

Standardize Processes and Prepare People

Strategy and support services

EasyBalkan is at a critical point in their evolution. To continue their aggressive growth and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and world-class culture, the company must transform their business processes, technologies, and organizational structures and become more scalable.For that to happen, EasyBalkan must embrace standardization and predictability. They must depend less on customization as they prepare for future growth while maximizing the bottom line.

Our approach was twofold: First, we helped EasyBalkan envision and execute a four-year business transformation strategy referred to as the Business Process Innovation, or BPI, program. Then, we embarked on a change management journey to implement the BPI program and help EasyBalkan’s culture adjust and sustain continued change and growth.

Updating business processes and systems is one thing; understanding how to move away from customization is another. This requires influencing how people think and behave.

To this end, our efforts include:
• Establishing enterprise and process-level vision statements, guiding principles, and desired outcomes
• Designing and implementing a ‘Change Network’ to create sustainable change. This network is responsible for owning, assessing, and monitoring change before, during, and after the program is rolled out
• Implementing an ongoing ‘Process Owner’ organization for long-term continuous improvement. Process Owners work in concert with executive leadership, the business and IT to implement, maintain, govern, align and technically enable end-to-end process solutions across the enterprise. • Redesigning structural components of the organization for better alignment toward enterprise goals
• Redefining how EasyBalkan IT and business work together to accomplish the work of the company
The new platform will offer a friction-less customer experience, seamless partner engagement, and a consistent EasyBalkan experience for all.

Customer service indicators & data

Data analysis


Cosmetic well know brand's R&D and innovation division wished to develop a software framework to classify acne severity using user-uploaded photographs.
60mn developed a sophisticated solution via digital neural networks to tackle the inherent variability in the image data and skin, as well as to handle real-world constraints.

60mn obtained high match accuracy for predicting the acne severity when comparing to trained dermatologists.

As acne is not only a physical condition, where studies have linked acne to emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, the ability to recommend treatments and engage customers is crucial.
By using an image recognition algorithm to diagnose the severity of acne, the client can extend their recommendation engine, create solutions for quick diagnosis, and aid their clients without access to a dermatologist in making better decisions

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